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–Is it a proper function of government to shut down “America’s last proper paddle-wheeled steamboat”?

Congress granted the Delta Queen an exemption because she is never more than a few hundred yards from the safety of the river bank should a fire occur. Since then, the exemption has been extended nine times. But probably not for a tenth.

(Via Liberty Papers.)

–Is it “exploitative” for a pharmaceutical company to market grape, cherry or bubblegum flavor statins for children? Would your answer change if the drug were meant for “children with a genetic cholesterol condition, familial hypercholesterolemia, which strikes 1 in 500 children regardless of their diet”? (Via Kevin, M.D.)

–Who said the following?

When some lawyer tells me “You’re making a judicial mistake; what you’re doing is illegal,” well, I keep going even though it’s illegal. I then tell the lawyers: “If it’s illegal, go ahead and make it legal. That’s what you went to school for.

(Hint: He said it in Spanish.)

–Is it a proper function of a public school, in China or anywhere else, to issue “walking licenses“?

–What’s John McCain’s position on gay adoption this week? (I say “this week” not only to make a pun but also because it really does seem to change so frequently.)

–Special Bonus Question: Who just declared that McCain’s policy on gay adoption, whatever it actually is, makes perfect sense?

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