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An Open Letter to L. Whitney Clayton

Dear Shaman Clayton,

If someone were to walk up to me, hit me in the face for no legitimate reason and walk away, then I would probably not chase him down just to hit him back.

But when someone walks up to me, hits me in the face for no legitimate reason and then tells me it’s “time to heal” — well, then I’m going to hit back:

Now that California voters have outlawed same-sex marriage, an LDS Church leader called Wednesday for members to heal any rifts caused by the emotional campaign by treating each other with “civility, with respect and with love.”

“We hope that every one would treat each that way no matter which side of this issue they were on,” said Elder L. Whitney Clayton, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Presidency of the Seventy.

The LDS Church’s campaign to pass Proposition 8 was its most vigorous since the 1970s, when it joined the effort to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment.

Clayton said the church never considered Proposition 8 to be a political issue.

First of all, thank you for that last statement. It explains, more succinctly than I ever could, just what immoral liars you and your fellow witch doctors are. Only an un-American theocrat like you could possibly suggest that imposing, via mob rule, religious dogma on those who do not partake of that comical voodoo you call a “faith” is somehow not “a political issue.”

Meanwhile, know this: You can stoke the factional lusts of the Great Unwashed. You can harness your vast financial resources to tear down the separation of church and state, and thereby purchase legitimization from your fellow anti-reason theocrats in other cults and sects. You can continue to control an entire state as the stale, stagnant, dreary mini-theocracy that you would gladly see the rest of the country emulate. You can continue to torture your own sons and daughters who had the dumb luck to be born gay in a Mormon family. You can enjoy the last few gasps of fleeting “successes” of today — until you finally do the world a favor and die off, leaving your children to apologize to your grandchildren for your sins.

But there is one thing you cannot do: You cannot force me to “heal.” The perpetrator of a harm has no standing to demand that his victim heal according to the evildoer’s timetable. To suggest otherwise simply shows your disingenuousness.

I will choose the day when I “heal.” But rest assured that today is not that day. Today, I hit back.

In another missive to your cult’s drones, your fellow witch-doctors insist:

Allegations of bigotry or persecution made against the Church were and are simply wrong. The Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage neither constitutes nor condones any kind of hostility toward gays and lesbians.

“Any kind of hostility”? If you could only hear yourselves talk. Lie to yourselves if you wish, but don’t you dare lie to your victims.

You obviously learned nothing from your shameful racist past — done of course in the name of that laughable sky-fairy you, like schizophrenics, simultaneously adore and fear. You seem not to have learned anything from your sexist past (and present) either. Then again, that’s the problem with negating one’s mind in the name of “faith” — one who cannot think cannot learn.

Since you and your idiotic cult are beyond redemption, I will not waste my time trying to redeem you. Instead, I will simply fight you. That will be my healing process.

I will, however, concede one point. There are multiples forms of “hostility.” To the extent that you meant “physical violence,” then we agree. I will of course not engage in physical violence toward you or your property. I will hit back in other ways:

–I will mock you relentlessly, as you deserve to be mocked. Pointing out the idiocies of your ridiculous religion will be a new focus of this blog, and of the comments I leave on other blogs.

–I will, as much as modern anonymous capitalism permits, refuse to line your sinful pockets with my honorably obtained money. I would think that your cultist throngs would prefer not to have their businesses tainted with “gay dollars” anyway, but recent evidence suggests that Mormon purity is often trumped by Mormon greed.

–I will seek out your cultists and shame them at every opportunity I encounter. I will especially seek out your children, so that they might know the truth about me — and about you.

Deny it all you want with your blather about “healing” and “non-hostility.” You voted for and paid for an ongoing culture war, and an ongoing culture war you shall have.

And, someday — a day I will likely live to see but you, Shaman Clayton, will likely not — I will win.

And when that day comes, then I will allow myself to heal. But not a day sooner.

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5 Responses to “An Open Letter to L. Whitney Clayton”

  1. You can't see me right now, but this me applauding. Well said.

  2. Hear, hear. *clap clap clap* .

  3. If the LDS church wants to be bigotry's deep pocket, it can't expect to be respected.

  4. […] Kip at a Stitch in Haste has a understandably angry piece about LDS involvement in Prop 8 that is well worth reading. I wouldn't use and don't condone some of Kip's language about religion, but share his view that the LDS leadership now calling for healing is outrageous and contemptible. The LDS church has cast the die; it has chosen to use its power with its supporters to generate vast financial support for a measure calculated to prevent people who love each other from getting married. The dark dreams of McCain/Feingold aside, its supporters have that right. But now the church and its supporters are marked. History, and the people of California, will remember and judge them accordingly. […]

  5. 11 07 8

    Yeah, I admit those people are fulla crap. What also bothers me is the throngs of so called conservatives who actively endorsed this initiative. It is anathema to the principles of liberty to leave the application of civil rights to a popular vote. The tyranny of the majority rears its ugly head now. I don't understand how people twist the history of this country around to suit their religious zealousness. The Founding Fathers believed in a society of religious tolerance. We live in a pluralistic society so everyone cannot be a fundamentalist evangelical Christian or cultist…I find this initiative to be intrusive and wrong. Consenting adults should be able to get married if they so choose. Gay marriage can expand the tax base for goodness sakes!

    And while my religion my prohibit gays from marrying in the church, the church is NOT the state.

    One last thing is to reply to a comment of yours in a previous post where you castigated Black people for overwhelmingly NOT agreeing with Prop 8. What Black people cannot be bigoted too? Most Blacks are offended when their plight is compared to that of gays. After all, a gay white person can hide their sexuality but a Black looks Black and is treated as such.

    Therefore, the gay lobby should change their lobbying paradigm and stop trying to couple themselves to oppressed ethnic groups. A far more powerful approach is to appeal to the human rights issues involved here,imho.

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