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Who Says Gay Marriage is "The New Civil Rights Movement"?

These folks do:

Meanwhile, five civil rights groups asked California’s highest court Friday to annul the ban on the grounds that Proposition 8 threatens the legal standing of all minority groups, not just gays.

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and two other groups petitioned the state Supreme Court to prevent the change from taking effect. [PDF – 28 pages; links to all Proposition 8 documents here.]

The petition is the fourth seeking to have the measure invalidated. But it’s the first to argue that the court should step in because the gay marriage ban, which overturned the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay unions, sets a precedent that could be used to undermine the rights of racial minorities.

As I blogged previously: The ability to note the differences between the fight against anti-gay discrimination and the fight against racial discrimination suggests the concurrent ability to note the similarities between the two. And that is why any African-American or other ethnic minority who voted for Proposition 8, or any other bigot amendment, should be ashamed of themselves.

On Blacks and Proposition 8

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