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My Blogrolling Policy

Here are some highlights of my blogrolling policy:

–Only blogs with substantive posts are included. With all due respect, I probably subscribe to every newsfeed that you do (and more), so I really don’t need to have my aggregator clogged with “Hey, check this out!” type ballast. Sorry.

–As you can see, I have divided the blogroll into categories that overlap to some extent. If you’re on my blogroll and would rather be listed in a different category than the one you’re currently in, then just let me know.

–As for reciprocal blogrolling, I don’t do it blindly. When I see that you have blogrolled me, I will review the content of your blog and decide accordingly (though in practice I tend to be very generous about it, at least on a probationary basis).

–Any blog that does not post for 30 consecutive days is summarily removed. No exceptions.

–Any blog that does not have a working RSS feed is also excluded (“no feed, no read”). I simply don’t have time to check individual sites manually. Never hesitate to ask your hosting service for assistance.

–I do not blogroll any blog with posts that are not suitable for work or that contain links that are not suitable for work, unless such links are clearly labeled as such in the post.

–Don’t forget about The Elite Eleven. Remember, these are not what I necessarily consider to be the “best” blogs, but rather the “most under-read” blogs. If you’re trolling for new, high-quality blogs to add to your blogroll, then definitely check them out.

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