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Sunday CuteTuber™ FAQ

Q: What is was Sunday CuteTuber™?
A: Sunday CuteTuber™ is was a lighthearted weekly post highlighting a non-commercial YouTube video. It ran from June 2007 through December 2008. It now runs only as an occasional feature.

Q: Why do did you run this feature?
A: Why not? (My inspiration, however, was The Daily Slap.)

Q: Have you really trademarked “CuteTuber™”?
A: What part of “™” is unclear to you?

Q: What are the criteria for CuteTuber™ designation?
A: There are two separate factors — the YouTuber and the video.

Q: What are the criteria for the YouTuber?
A: There are three — (1) male, (2) 18 or older, (3) cute.

Q: What constitutes “cute”?
A: That is determined by my own subjective tastes and preferences.

Q: How do you find CuteTubers™?
A: Basically I use a viral approach, based on YouTubers I’ve already located. A YouTuber’s home page has at least four social networking threads: Subscribers, Subscriptions, Favorites and Friends. “Comments” can be a fifth. All typically have thumbnail pics attached to the other YouTubers.

Q: Is there a maximum age?
A: As a policy, no. As a practice, no comment.

Q: Are the CuteTubers™ always gay?
A: No, and no inferences to that effect should ever be drawn.

Q: What are the criteria for the video?
A: There are four — (1) Preferably humorous; if not, then entertaining in some other way. (2) Relatively short — preferably under four minutes. (3) Reasonably good video quality. (4) Non-commercial (usually).

Q: Any other considerations?
A: Generally no group, “collab” or “meme” videos.

Q: Do you ask permission to use a video?
A: No. My position is that by enabling the “embed” feature on YouTube, one is pre-authorizing such use by others. If a YouTuber were to ask that I remove a video, I would.

Q: Do you notify a CuteTuber™ when his video is featured?
A: Generally not, but YouTube includes a “Links” feature (similar to trackbacks) that indicate the traffic from this blog.

Q: Do you welcome suggestions for videos?
A: Sure. You can email them to me.

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