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What is "The Elite Eleven"?

Because of my multidisciplinary interests, my blogroll can get somewhat cluttered. I have tried to clean it up as best I can, but of course like tends to like, so many of the blogs I read are also multidisciplinary. So rather than create a “Top Ten” list, I’ve opted instead for the “Elite Eleven.”

The Elite Eleven do not represent what I consider to be the “best” blogs, but rather the most under-read blogs. In other words, they’re the blogs that I suspect you’re not reading but should be if you’re reading my blog.

To be included in the Elite Eleven, a blog must:

1. Focus on one or more of the following — libertarianism, law or economics.

2. Include significant commentary, not just “Look at what I found!” posts.

3. Be updated fairly regularly (i.e., roughly one post per day at least).

4. Appear to be “under-read” as measured by such imprecise metrics as Technorati links and aggregator subscriptions.

The Elite Eleven is subject to perpetual revision.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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